Sunday, November 6, 2011

Minimalist Lifestyle

Keep CalmAs we are loading our RV to travel this winter, I am struck with how bare our home is after we move into the RV.  Seeing this really makes us realize how much we downsized our belongings over the last two years when we lived in our RV full-time.   And we like it.  Life is uncomplicated this way.

We kept the RV minimalist philosophy when we moved into our new home this past summer—only adding furniture we actually use—not just decoration.  In fact, after we got our remaining belongings out of storage, much of it was let go by either donating it, giving it away or trashing it.  And the purging process continues.  Living in the RV really made us realize how little we need to be comfortable, happy and still stylish.

I cannot say that my home (or RV) is completely minimalist, but it is not cluttered.  Clutter is distracting and stressful.  We find a minimalist approach is calming and makes our life easier.  Think about it—it is hard to clean a lot of knickknacks or to sweep/vacuum around a bunch of furniture. The more stuff you have, the more you have to keep clean, and the more complicated it is to clean.   There are still decorative items we enjoy on our tables and counters, but it is now kept to a minimum.

It is  important in the RV and it is important in our home that we find a convenient place for everything, and remember where those places are. Where does our toaster go? Give it a spot, and stick with it. We aim for logical spots that are close to where the thing is used, to make things more efficient, but the key is to designate a spot—out of sight.

When we have simplified a space whether in our home or RV, we give it some time and then look at everything with a fresh eye again. What can be eliminated? Stored out of sight? What’s not essential?  We come back to each space every few months, and sometimes discover things we can simplify even more.  (I need to keep working on my wardrobe…)

It works for us, maybe it will work for you?  Keep calm and carry on.


  1. I agree with keeping it simple. I do find the longer we are parked somewhere the more stuff comes out. I need to be moving to make sure everything gets put away again.Wish I had better discipline. What winter plans do you have. Headed anywhere fun?

  2. Do you think you minimalism came from reading Walden when you were in school?

  3. I loved "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau, so it probably does have something to do with my interest in the subject.


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