Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Passing Time

Marsh_Buffalo_BillTraveling from the far Northwest corner of the U.S. to the most Southeast corner means many miles.  The miles through Arizona, New Mexico and West Texas are wide open and the distance between stopping is long.  To make the trip interesting, we slip in a audio CD by Arizona State Historian, Marshall Trimble.  Marshall has a western twang to his voice and a wealth of knowledge of the Southwest.  As we travel, the history we hear makes the towns and historic locations come alive.  Before we know it, we are at our destination.  [Photo from]

Mike’s brother, John, loaned us his collection of Marshall Trimble last year.  Until this trip, we have not had the opportunity to listen.  Thanks, John, we love the stories!

If you are traveling through the Southwest or just enjoy listening to history, cowboy poetry or some good ‘ol cowboy music, highly recommend listening to Marshall Trimble.

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