Monday, November 21, 2011

Hill Country

This is not the time of year for the Hill Country wildflowers they come in the spring; and there has been such a severe drought in Texas the wildflowers will probably suffer. Maybe the rain will come this fall and save the day. Hope so. The country is beautiful with oak trees, streams and rolling hills—the flowers will make the area that much more stunning.

IMG_2111Fredericksburg, Texas is a pretty little town with limestone homes and shops. All with a definite German influence (arrived here as immigrants in the mid-1800s). We are not big shoppers, but we visited a lot of stores to look at the old buildings made with white rock, weathered wood floors or sometimes colorful tile flooring. Lots of restaurants serving brats and featuring a biergarten.

About 100 miles west of Fredericksburg, Texas, we started to notice a big difference in weather from the rest of the Southwest.  Humidity.   We had 99% humidity today, but no rain.  Now I know why Southern gals have big hair. 

In Arizona and New Mexico the night-time temperatures dropped drastically from 70 degrees to 40 degrees or sometimes in the 30’s after the sun sets.  Not in central Texas, the day-time temperature of 75 degrees remains around 70 degrees at night too along with the humidity.

We are in Texas Y’All!

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  1. We are headed to the gulf in Texas for January and maybe longer. I'd love to see the hill country in the spring but we may have moved on by the time it blooms.


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