Sunday, December 18, 2011

Alligator Alley

An alligator decided to take a stroll through the neighborhood today pausing at one of the RV sites.  Probably a good idea to look under our truck and 5’er before we venture out in the future.   Culture shock.

The no see ‘um bugs are another animal.  The tiny bloodsuckers pack a bite and the welts itch for up to a week.  Only the females bite, usually in the shade or at dusk/night near water.  Here in Florida water is everywhere, so they bite often.

IMG_2190Other than the traffic, this is the only negative thing to be said about winter in southern Florida.  It is warm, green and fresh fruit and vegetables are in abundance. 

We also spent several hours at Fort Myers Beach this afternoon.  Fun place to people watch and walk on the beach.  Did you know the sand does not get hot on the beach here?  It is soft, white finely crushed coral.  Easy to walk with bare feet as far as you want.


  1. We just got back from two weeks in Fort Myers and really enjoyed it. We actually preferred Fort Myers Beach to Sanibel. I'll have to try some Doc Ford books.

  2. For our location, we really liked Fort Myers Beach better too. No toll.


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