Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Doc Ford

IMG_2159The Randy Wayne White books are favorites with each new book downloaded on the Kindle as soon as it is published.  The main character is Doc Ford who lives in a stilt house over the water near Fort Myers Beach.  Action.  Adventure.  Each book is a new ride. 

Two miles from our current RV home location is the setting for Doc Ford’s house.  And in real life, the location of Randy Wayne White’s Bar and Grill which is called….wait for it….Doc Ford’s!.  We stopped by the bar tonight to have a drink and listen to the country band playing.  Great setting.  Lights in the bay with all the shrimp boats lined up.  I looked for the stilt house…


  1. I love visiting sites of books i've read, it is like i have been there. Then i know what they are talking about..

  2. I like visiting my favorite book settings, too. But, it's surprising how much the author will change the environment to suit the book.


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