Friday, December 16, 2011

Sanibel Stoop

IMG_2181IMG_2165Sanibel Island is known for shells on the beach.  No kidding!  The beaches have piles and piles of shells on beautiful white sandy beaches.  People walk down the beach, stop, and bend over to pick up another interesting shell.   Best shells found today are in the picture on the right. 


IMG_2180IMG_2163Mike spent the day fishing with Terry (not me, the other Terry) off the bridge near the beach. Caught a couple of sheep head fish.  Nasty looking teeth.   Kathy and I stayed on the beach and did a little reading, a little swimming and a little wildlife watching.  “Swarms” of mullet fish swam by,  jumping like popcorn with dolphins in pursuit.  The heron seem to pose for pictures letting you walk within a few feet (big guys standing about 4 feet).  Mike is doing the Sanibel Stoop in the picture right.

To access Sanibel Island, you drive over two causeway bridges after paying a six dollar toll (conveniently located 3 miles from our RV location).  The island is a different world from Fort Myers.  The pace slows down considerably.  Speed limits down to 30 miles per hour.  Paved bike trails parallel all the roads.    Much of the island retains the wild nature look of tropical jungle with a multi-million home or small pastel-colored beach shack tucked in here and there.  Everyone with a smile. 


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