Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Coles–1st Installment

Occasionally, I dabble in genealogy.  I do mean, dabble.  I obsessively dig for information, hit a wall and flounder; then, try to pick up the trail a few weeks later.  And, it is difficult to pick one thread to follow back.  I jump from the de Bords, back to the Coles, and over to the Main family.  It is all so addictive.  The family story that got me hooked on genealogy is the story of William and Elizabeth Buckingham Cole, my great-great grandparents.  I think you will find it as fascinating as I did and for the next few weeks I will share their story as told by my great aunt, Florence Cole Weeks; she was the granddaughter of Elizabeth Cole.

William and Elizabeth Cole

Devonshire England estateThis story is more about the life of Elizabeth Buckingham Cole than William, as our lives were guided for many years by her ever ready help and sacrifice.  She was a most heroic and courageous woman.  She let her heart guide her in a very dedicated sacrifice that paved the way for her serious determination in full life and love for a man, not knowing what was to come.

She was born to Mary and William Buckingham on April 17, 1821 at their estate in Devonshire, England.  These parents belonged to the upper class of large estate owners and wealthy.  They were classed with the titled of England, all were raised in the tradition of the classes according to education and social relations.  School was conducted by tutors in the house; all were trained in some “trade”, such as music, sewing and handwork.

Our Elizabeth became very skilled in sewing and nursing.  Later in life she became a licensed midwife when a time required her help.  In later life, nursing helped her save and support her family.  Her life up to age of 17 was not too eventful.  But, that would change.

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