Sunday, November 4, 2012

Living Aboard

Nordhavn5Nordhavn6For over 30 years, our dream was to live aboard a boat.  The boat of choice was a trawler over 40 feet, preferably a Nordhavn or a Krogen.  Both are full displacement and able to take to the seas.  We took lessons, chartered a vacation in the San Juan Islands on a Nordhavn, and owned several smaller boats (26 foot, 31 foot)—giving us the basics to know how to operate a larger boat.  When it came down to making retirement living choices, the cost of living aboard was beyond our means.  I know others will live aboard a boat much smaller and older, but for us, having a newer, well maintained, and roomier sea-worthy boat for traveling the open water was a must. 

It still hurts a little when you walk through the boat of our dreams.


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