Friday, November 23, 2012

The Coles–2nd Installment

Yesterday, I gave you the preface to the story of my great-great grandparents, William and Elizabeth Buckingham Cole.  Today’s segment tells of the first event that changed their lives.

Falling in Love

Elizabeth’s parents estate was large and self supporting, many hired men taking care of the livestock and farming operations.  The gardens and flowers around the house was in the hands of an experienced young Irishman.

William_T_ColeIt was not long before the gardener began to look at Elizabeth in a very serious manner.  Flowers and fruit from the garden were given to her on many occasions.  The Irish in England were not looked upon as equals during the 1800’s and this “situation” was becoming very difficult for the Buckingham family.  The Irish gardener secretly asked Elizabeth to marry him; and the day came when Elizabeth gave her most surprising answer to the handsome, young Irishman named William Cole. 

In 1840, William and Elizabeth eloped and conducted the ceremony in London.  Elizabeth’s father, upon learning of the marriage, disowned his daughter never allowing her to return to her childhood home; and she was disinherited of any claim to the Buckingham property.

london 1800sNot disheartened, the couple lived in London.  Young William Cole was always able to find work and they started their new life.  Before the year was up, they gave birth to a son named Thomas. 

But, London would not be their home for long…

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