Thursday, March 7, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #10–That Darn Sock


Reference:  2013 Resolution posted 12/31/2012.

Darning socks.  You are probably having the same reaction as the owner of our local sewing shop.  “Honey, nobody darns socks any more!”  And you are right, I would not bother with a $1.99 everyday sock, but I like wearing Smartwool socks with my winter boots, for hiking (all year round), for golfing and as slippers.  But, they cost between $16 to $20 for a pair.  What is special about them is they are made of merino wool—incredibly soft, washable, wicks away sweat, anti-bacteria. 

I have worn out the ball of the foot and heel in a couple pairs.  At that price, it was worth it to darn them.  After researching on the internet and reading a few tutorials, I bought embroidery floss for 65 cents and already had a large needle in my sewing kit. Normally, you use a light bulb or round object to hold the sock in place; but, years ago the Hubby made an acrylic “lightbulb” as a car shift knob (never became one) which now works perfectly for the darning project.

Darning is so easy and worked like a charm!  Only used half  of the floss on two pairs of socks.  I was able to keep my favorite socks, avoided paying $40 for two new pairs, and no socks in the trash.

Instead of knitting a sweater you do not need or crocheting another afghan, try darning.  Easy to do while watching your favorite television show!

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