Wednesday, March 20, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #12–Say No to Bottled Water

bottled-water1Just watched an episode in the Doc Martin series (truly love PBS) where the whole village became ill.  Turned out the local plumber was promoting and selling bottled water using the water from his personal well—which was downstream from the sheep pasture.

With the exception of a few places in the U.S., the tap water is quite tasty and really there is no need to buy bottled water.  All potable water must meet federal regulations making it safe to drink, but I admit in some areas the water has some interesting minerals leaving an after taste.  In those situations, we use our Britta pitcher filtering the water and the funny taste. 

Why do so many pay exorbitant amounts for bottled water and fill the landfill with plastic?  Convenience.  Forgetfulness.  The last one, forgetful, occasionally we fall into that category.

We do not buy bottled water.  Instead, we carry along a stainless steel canister for trips and hikes—filled with fresh tap water.  Works just fine.  If you need it flavored, squeeze in a little fresh lemon; or surprisingly, a little jam.  I am not kidding; tastes great!

Again, another valuable lesson we learned living in tight quarters in the RV. 

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