Wednesday, January 7, 2015

I Changed My Mind

A few months ago, I wrote about how much I enjoyed Facebook.   Reconnecting with lost childhood friends.  Keeping in touch with fun co-workers.  Enjoying the photos of friends and family living everyday life.  But, something has changed in this social media.  The change evolved over time, and I did not see it coming.

I read a book called The Art of Civilized Conversation some years back.  The basic premise of this non-fiction book was to reinforce what makes a enjoyable chat versus the type of discussions that only lead to boredom, offensiveness or the cause of hard feelings.  And the importance of having conversations face-to-face.  You see other’s expressions, tone of voice and body language.  The book stresses there are three topics taboo in any conversation—politics, religion, and sex.  What makes an enlightening and fun conversation are ideas, concepts, new experiences to be shared or re-living great old memories.  They leave you feeling excited about the subject and the person you just talked to.

Gone (or minimally there) are the enjoyable tidbits of life and joking around on Facebook.  Instead there are political and religious grandstanding (my way is right and everyone else is an idiot or going to burn in hell),  jokes that go beyond sexual innuendo (and it is tough to offend me), opinions on how you should live your life and others using the media to be hurtful. 

Recently, I was joking around Facebook with a particular person/family group and granted used language that was not “ladylike”.  But, it was the type of joking a few years back would have gotten a laugh and a tart retort back.    Facebook had not allowed me to see how certain individuals had changed their perspective on life over the last few years (let’s just say they are a bit more rigid these days).  They were very much offended by my joking and a portion of the family have “defriended” me.  What was supposed to poke fun has become a disaster.

Life is meant to be well-lived (as you define it not someone else) and dealing with people who have a different agenda is a waste of a very short life.   My Facebook is now deactivated and it is time to move on spending more time on my life (yes, I am selfish that way).  Read this blog now and then if you want to keep up with what going on in our neck of the woods (I promise you will not find political or religious opinions or sexual discussions).  I want to share enjoyment, new experiences or old endearing ones, exciting projects, and encouragement for you to have the same. 

Live long and prosper.  And you can always call to say hello, leave a comment on the blog or we can meet for a friendly conversation over a good cup of coffee (or tea, soda, or stiff drink—whatever, you get the picture).

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