Sunday, January 4, 2015

Adriatic Tour–Dining

IMG_0277One of the many things that make a Rick Steves tour special is their ability to use locals to find the special places and people of that country that you will not normally see on your own or on a large tour group.  One of those places on our tour was a wonderful locally known restaurant known as Brtonigla located on the Istria Peninsula. 

BrtoniglaWe were warned to bring an appetite and they did not joke about this...  From quick tasty bites of the appetizer, to a several mouth-watering main courses (at least I considered them to be large enough for a main courses) to the sweet dessert, we enjoyed the view, the company, the owners and the whole darn thing.  Their meats are actually cooked on open flame in a huge fireplace looking grill!

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