Sunday, January 4, 2015

Adriatic Tour–Plitvice National Park

IMG_0290Our arrival to Plitvice National Park was in the misty rain.  Fantasy genre movies wait for this type of atmospheric setting.  Where little raindrops glitter the heroine’s hair as she walks through the woods.  Not exactly the dewy young maiden (ha,ha), but I did appreciate these conditions for seeing this natural wonder.  It made the whole experience mystical.

IMG_0295Sixteen terraced lakes spill into one another—you are literally surrounded by waterfalls.  With boardwalks crossing many of the lakes bringing you up so close you can feel the water crashing over the edge.  

The first shots of Croatia’s war were fired here in 1991.  For almost five years no one visited the park.  What was once a down-trodden park from so many visitors the environment was able to recover.  The water was now pristine.  Thousands of fish on the surface thriving.  Delicate flowers and colorful salamanders on the hills.  From such a sad plight of war, maybe one good thing happened. 

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