Saturday, October 1, 2011


I have been a little worried about the direction of my blog.  The original focus of my writing was to document and share our travels and small-space tips as we live full-time in the fifth-wheel RV.  Well, if you have been reading the last few months, you will know that we purchased a home on the Olympic Peninsula.  We will be traveling in the RV, but only in the winter or on a part-time basis. 

127698806EG046_2011_INTERNAThe blog has now become a reflection of our travels, adventures we have on the “O” Peninsula and our new home.  I am considering expanding the writing to include how we apply our small-space tips to everyday living in both the RV and house.  And I am developing my long time interest in painting and art, in general.  I may want to write a little about that, too.

Is this too fractured for people to follow?  Those of you only interested in travel, will I lose you?  Should I split the blog into two or three to retain a focus in each area?  Well, for now, I will continue on with the one blog and hope that you will hang with me.  Hey, if Steve Martin can become more than a comedian, I can consider my expanding horizons, as well.  (The guy plays a mean banjo, you know.  He just won Entertainer of the Year for International Bluegrass Association.  Not to mention he acts, writes, and produces movies.)  He still has a following, doesn’t he?


  1. Won't lose me. I think diversity is a great thing. I love to keep up with Rvers but it is also interesting to see the twists and turns their lives take. Though we plan to RV full time as long as we can we do know things may come along that will change that. Also we like to learn about different things so blog away, we will still be reading no matter what the current subject is!

  2. We need to met in person someday, Janie!

  3. Keep it all together, I sez. No one is just one person. And, what if you wrote an article about art, and painting in a small space? Where would you post it? How would you decide?

  4. I was just catching up on my blogs today. Yep, someday we want to get together. We were hoping to be in the NW next summer but not sure now. My son just told us he may get married next summer so that would send us back to Iowa again. We will make it out there yet. John has family in Bellingham.

  5. You won't lose me! Keep it all in one, I don't want to have to follow three! House is looking good (yours not mine, though mine is coming along--LOL)


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