Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Best Day of My Life

Okay, I have had too much to drink.  But, really, it was an awesome day.
IMG_0910IMG_0907The weather was purrrfection  (72 degrees in Peachy Canyon), the wine tasting divine (our wine server was adorable, see picture right), and a pulled pork sandwich causing you to drool as you are eating it.  The Vine 4 Winery and Farmstand 46 Deli  pair up on Highway 46 West for the best eating and drinking California can offer.  We finally found “the” stem-less wine glasses we have been wanting at this winery; one with the logo “ZinBitch” (that glass is mine) and another “Heretic” with cool flames on the side of the glass.  Mike is really missing his Harley Heritage Softtail bike, and this glass said it all.

IMG_0908 And is it not a small world—our RV neighbors, Bob and G, the Dynamic Duo, walked through the door as we were sampling red wine #6 (there they are in the picture on the left).   They are full-timers from Florida.

We love the area between Paso Robles (known as “Paso” to locals) and the Pacific Ocean.  This may become our wintering grounds in the future.  Ocean. Wine. Golf. Food. Weather. Scenery. Not Crowded.

IMG_0911A note about today’s blog title… I shared an office with a really cool gal, Linda, for the last ten years before I retired.  Every day she would come to work with a new story about her  son, Jack (from age 3 to 13) .  Each time he experienced a fun new day, he would say, “This is the best day of my life”.  I really miss Linda and her stories of Jack, but I will use his line for my blog title today.  Cheers to you, Linda!


  1. Found your blog off someone else's...geez, you can spend hours linking off other people's blogs! Anywho...anyone who loves to go wine tasting is ok in my book!

    Looks like you stayed in San Juan Bautista not long ago. My parents live in Prunedale..right off Hwy 101. I was born in Bakersfield. Small world :)

  2. You can spend hours surfing the net and reading blogs. Fun, tho' We do enjoy wine tasting, but it hasn't been kind to our waistline recently. LOL


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