Saturday, October 9, 2010

Firestone Winery

IMG_0840It is a short walk to the Firestone Winery Tasting Room from our RV Park.  Today, we walked through their vineyard and on up to the fairly recently built winery (2007).   The winery, which is located at the corner of Highway 46 East and Airport Road near downtown Paso Robles, features a tasting room, barrel cellar, enclosed patio, vineyard and terraced gardens with picnic accommodations.  We walked by  grapes still waiting to be picked in the vineyard—smelled wonderful.

Looking from the winery over to the RV Park (picture on the lower right) you can catch a glimpse of our 5’er through the trees.  We think we have the best spot in the park.

We pinch ourselves everyday to make sure we are not dreaming.  This lifestyle is so much fun.

A drinking quote for you, “Beauty is in the eye of the wine holder.”

IMG_0842 IMG_0847IMG_0846

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