Sunday, October 17, 2010

Late Harvest in Central Coastal California

IMG_0856Every once in a while you get a really great bargain AND a special evening to remember (usually bargain and good time are not found in a sentence together, are they?).  Last night was one of those times.  This is the Late Harvest Celebration weekend in Paso Robles, and it is all about kicking back after the final fall grape harvest.   Lucky for us, we scheduled our stay here during the Celebration held the third weekend of every October.

IMG_0863On Friday, our RV Park hosted five wineries in their clubhouse, including local olive oil vendors.  The wineries set up shop for complete wine tastings.  The Park provided appetizers (more like dinner) while you sampled wine.  It was there we learned JJ Cellars was having a BBQ, Blues Band, and all the wine you can drink on Saturday night at “their place”.  For $35 each, we decided to give it a try. 

We were not disappointed. The setting was glorious (view from our table in the upper left picture), there was mouth watering food, and head bobbin’ music.  Only 10 miles on the back roads from our home site out in the middle of the vineyards in San Miguel, California.  The event location was beautifully landscaped with  plenty of  covered seating, outdoor heaters to keep you warm, and a upbeat blues band, “Code Blue”.   All with a backdrop of miles and miles of rolling hills lined with grape vines. 

IMG_0867 The number of people attending was limited; so it was a comfortable crowd of 100-150 people.   There were three types of BBQ’ed meats—beef, pork and chicken.  Many salads, cheeses, fresh fruit, marinated vegetables and desserts to die for—where did they get that pumpkin pie?  And get this, all the wine you want to drink.  They have a red wine, Malbec, that was perfect for the meal (our opinion).

We watched the sun set around 7 p.m. and tapped our toes ‘til late.

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