Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Little Off the Top

200px-Marge_Simpson Getting a good haircut in a new, unfamiliar town requires an unusual new skill set.  First, you search for a gal in the store, the bank, or a waitress in the restaurant with a cute hairstyle.  Next, how to find out where she got the cut.  You compliment her haircut in a way that does not seem like you are hitting on her or you want something “special”.  People are suspicious of strangers fawning over them (probably, for good reason).  We had one odd moment in a bank when I complimented the teller, she giggled, and the other bank employee glared at me.  Clearly, the one I complimented was flattered and the other figured I wanted something unethical.  Oh well, they will never see me again.

Finally, I get their hair salon name, stylist, and call to make an appointment.  It is amazing how easy it is to get an appointment when you explain you are passing through town and you spied “so and so’s” striking haircut at the bank…”Do you happen to have an opening today?”  “Why, yes of course!”

So far, so good.  BTW, this is a little trickier for Mike.

1 comment:

  1. I can just imagine Mike walking into the bank and telling the teller what a handsome hair cut he has and where does he get his hair cut!! That is just too funny to even think about!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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