Sunday, October 24, 2010

Midnight at the Oasis

Joshua TreeBetween Paso Robles and Palm Springs, California, you drive through oil fields with pumping oil rigs looking like a scene from the one of the Terminator movies, then orchards of almonds, hundreds of windmills, and Joshua trees.  What funny little trees.  Why do they grow here?  They look so alien; like something from a Dr. Seuss book.   The photo to the left is a website copy.  We plan to visit the Joshua Tree National Park in the next few weeks and take some original photos up close and personal.

DSC_0115And then we see Palm Springs in the distance.  An oasis in the desert.  Literally.  Our RV Park, Outdoor Resorts, is truly paradise.  Our site is surrounded by colorful purple bougainvillea, lime and lemon trees (honestly, we have already picked a few), palm trees, manicured lawns and a golf course water feature directly out back complete with a fountain.  The splashing water put us to sleep last night.  The park has over 1,000 RV sites, five swimming pools, tennis courts, coffee shop, golf course and club houses.  It took us 30 minutes to ride our bikes through the park.

Each site is owned.  If the owner is absent, the spot is rented to grateful people, like us.  The pride of ownership is apparent everywhere.  Creative pavers rather than boring concrete.  Stylish patio furniture.  Potted plants.   Makes a big difference when the spots are owned and people treat the park with more respect.

I am not sure we can do everything there is to do in this city before we leave November 26.  So many casinos all with entertainment (local and big name celebrities), hiking (the tram climbs from the desert to the mountain top), museums, outdoor markets, a national park, spas, golfing, rat-pack memorabilia/homes and probably more.   Plus, we need to enjoy this fabulous RV Park!

Let the games begin.

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