Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Congested California

bg_canyon1 (2)We are not big city folks.  However, there were and are experiences and places we wanted to do and see in the more populated areas of California; so, we went out of our comfort zone to visit them this fall and winter.  But, the congestion of California is really getting to us.  The lack of blog posts over the last month has a lot to do with avoiding crowds by sticking around our RV Park in Palm Springs and not doing anything too exciting.  Which is not tough duty—it is a beautiful place.  But, I am sure you did not want to see pictures of us lounging around the pool.

Why are we staying here so long?  From San Francisco to San Diego, many of the RV Parks are very expensive.  To get the best deals you must stay at least a week, or better yet a month.  There are state parks and other parks for less, but we wanted full hook-ups and close proximity to some of the California “man-made” attractions.  So, we have been staying a month at each stopping point.  Unfortunately, those man-made attractions are not so attractive to us right now, and we are going a little buggy.

Lesson learned for us—take big city visits in very small doses.  And life is a learning experience, right?

We do have one more big city in Southern California.  San Diego.  The RV Park is on the beach and next to a large marina.  We like watching boats go by and we like walking the docks at marinas, so our expectations are high.  Plus, we hear there is easy to use public transportation in San Diego, and we can visit places like Balboa Park without hassling with the traffic.

After San Diego, it is all about wide open spaces, coyotes instead of people, and seeing some natural wonders throughout  Arizona and Utah.  We are ready.

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