Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Odd Stuff

Since the end of May 2010, our travels have been a whirlwind of sightseeing, hiking, bicycling and touring different attractions.  It was time to cool our jets and sit a spell.  While we have been hanging out at our Palm Springs RV resort and running a few errands around town, we have made a few observations…

The Good
  • Starting mid-November the outside temperature is perfection hovering around 70 degrees.  So nice to lounge outside and read.  (Sorry, cold climate friends)
  • Palm Springs has pretty decent air quality.  A number of owners in the park escape from their primary residence in Los Angeles to avoid the smog.
  • Golf courses galore. 
  • Extremely easy to find your way around town (Palm Springs, Palm Desert, Cathedral City, Rancho Mirage).  The streets have names I am sure you all recognize—Bob Hope Drive, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra Avenue, O.J. Simpson Road—no, they do not have O.J. Simpson Road—that is just Mike Main humor.
  • Restaurants—lots of them and reasonable prices.
The Bad
  • The golf courses are not cheap.  You better be ready to pull out a 100 dollar bill + when you show up for your tee time.  Still debating whether to hand over the cash to play a game.
  • This is really barren desert unless you stumble on a source of water.  Hardly a bit of green here.
  • Many of snowbirds have arrived in Palm Springs, and they are really, really bad drivers.
  • It is more difficult to meet people in an RV Resort with sites owned by individuals.  The people come back each year to mingle with long-term friends and tend to shy away from the “renters”.
The Ugly
  • Palm trees provide a home to rats.  Who knew there were rats up high in the fronds.  Ugh!
  • Palm trees provide a home to cockroaches.  The disgusting little insects hide in between the bark.  Mike has declared war on them, but somehow I think he will lose the battle.  Ugh, again.
  • The valley gets some serious wind. 
Do not get the wrong idea.  We are having a blast here, but it is not some place we would want to make permanent.  Great experience, though.

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