Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jungle Bells

DSCN0455 Any red-blooded lover of television’s Animal Planet likes a good zoo. We like Animal Planet.  And we love the San Diego Zoo.  Not only are there hundreds of different animals from all over the world, but exotic botanical gardens woven throughout the animal displays.

IMG_0993 Our visit today to the San Diego Zoo could not have been better.  We arrived at 9 a.m. opening time and left at 3:30 p.m. completely exhausted.  We walked, traveled overhead in the skyway tram, and rode the narrated tour bus.  The zoo is laid out with winding paths through areas called The Outback, The Lost Forest, the Reptile House, the Elephant Odyssey, Polar Rim, Panda Canyon, African Rocks, and a number of additional trails.

DSCN0447 The park hits you on all senses from the smell of cut eucalyptus for the koala bears (yeah, yeah, there are animal “smells” too), rhythmic African music playing along with the animal growls and bird calls (the Kookaburra is Ka-Ka-Loud!), the warm sun on your back, and to the chill of the thick green rain forest and crashing waterfalls.  The minute you walk into the park you feel happy.

IMG_0964 This is a perfect time of year to visit the San Diego Zoo—no crowds.  Between the winter time chill (Southern Californians think 64 degrees is cold) and mid-week, the park was practically empty until noon.  There were a couple of school field trips with high energy kids.  Ever notice how kids shiver and wiggle when they are excited.  Wow.  There are some dedicated (and patient) teachers out there. 

It was a good day in Sunny San Diego.  And we should fall to sleep early and soundly after this busy day.
IMG_0983 IMG_0979

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