Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pupus, Anyone?

IMG_0929The Outdoor Resort-Palm Springs owners (each site is owned) seem to be in competition with each other to design the most creative patio.  The one in the picture has quite the Tiki room theme going on.  Do you see the little bar?  This is one of many we see on our morning walk. Other sites get more elaborate with fountains and gardens.

We walk for a hour and still do not walk all the little streets in this park. 


  1. Glad you guys are enjoying yourselves. Wish we had 70 degree weather here! How long are you going to be in Palm Springs? I am headed to CA in March would love to see you for lunch or dinner if our paths cross. Check out the new pics I posted on my blog.

  2. We are only in California until the end of December. Love your graduation pic!


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