Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Little Bit of This

roadrunnerRoadrunner cartoons were always on Saturdays mornings when we were kids--cartoons were pretty graphic back then--now why did we think it was funny when the other cartoon character fell off a cliff or they were smashed by a semi-truck?  They are pretty cool looking for real, too.  Went for a walk through the park this morning (man, this place is huge) and caught sight of a roadrunner.  They are fast.

Not much major sightseeing or entertainment happening for a while (frankly, we are a little burned out and it is so dang hot), so you will have to settle for some of our small new experiences like bird sightings.  And why do the record breaking temperatures have to continue?  Our morning walk at 10 was too hot.  Saturday, it is supposed to cool down by Saturday.

Note to our golfing friends…do not come to Palm Springs before mid-November.  Not just because it is hot, but because they completely re-seed the golf courses in October with “winter grass”.  The new grass is not ready until mid-November.  No golf for Mike for another couple of weeks.

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