Friday, January 28, 2011

Another Milestone for Mike

IMG_1215 Birthdays come and go, and we really do not consider them a big event.  But, they are a wonderful excuse to indulge in dinner out and a little entertainment.  Yesterday, was Mike’s big day.  He picked out the Mandalay Bay buffet for dinner (unlimited prawns) and the Shark Reef Aquarium. 

The buffet, as usual, was delicious—lots of seafood either deep fried, sauteed, or cooked with a calorie-laden sauce.  Our favorite was the calamari/mussel/scallop dish with a white sauce.

IMG_1224 Mandalay Bay Casino/Hotel has done a very nice job carrying out their jungle theme throughout the casino, hotel, and the aquarium.   The aquarium contains all the predators of the sea and a very large Komodo Dragon.  What we liked about this aquarium was the portion down the stairs and through the tunnel—a tunnel through the aquarium with big sharks swimming above, below and around.  At the end of the tunnel, the large room was designed like a sunken wreck, with you placed in the wreck looking around at the ocean life. 

IMG_1205Today, we spent deep cleaning our home (defrost the refrigerator, declutter the closet) and making reservations for the next four months.  Glad we did.  The popular spots in the Grand Canyon, Moab, and Bryce Canyon were darn near taken.

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