Friday, January 14, 2011

Ghostly Encounters

IMG_1125 A real live ghost town…that does not make sense….A real dead ghost town.  Near Wickenburg, Arizona is Vulture City once one of the richest gold mines in the west.  To say many buildings remain intact is a bit of a stretch; more like still standing.  Some people may not enjoy the rustic preservation to the tourist attraction, as no attempt was made to sanitize the site by cleaning the rusting equipment or rebuilding the structures.  But, the approach adds to the authenticity of place—just be sure to watch for rusty nails and rotting floors.  Understandable, considering it became a self-contained town by 1880 over 100 years ago.

IMG_1147 Henry Wickenburg's cabin at the mine site still remains as is the nearby ironwood hanging tree where 18 men were hung on charges for stealing from the mine.  Guessing the tree has deteriorated over the years because to hang anyone there now would mean the men need to be really, really short (or bend their knees at the right moment to help the executioners out).

IMG_1128 We are finding Wickenburg and the surrounding area fun to explore with tons of colorful history, but the best reason to be here is Mike’s brother and his wife.  So wonderful to see them and have them show us their town.

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