Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Walkin’ the Strip

IMG_1201 When you visit Las Vegas, you must walk the Strip.  It can be painful with the number of casinos to walk through, the street vendors attacking you with tickets to “Girls, Girls, Girls”, and the crush of tourists.  Vegas always has such an interesting mix of visitors from the Paris Hilton wanna-be’s to the retirees losing their life savings.  Occasionally, you must stop at a bar that allows you to people-watch, rest your tired feet and indulge in a mind-numbing rum-and-coke which we did at a piano bar in the Bellagio.

IMG_1203 We enjoyed a tasty breakfast buffet at the Mandalay Bay Casino (always excellent—ate here 10 years ago).  Mandalay Bay has a large outdoor parking lot for their Convention Center Building and it worked out very well for our oversized truck.  The picture of the hotel was taken from our parking spot. 

Lots of interesting things to see including a giant round eraser!  What possessed someone to sculpt an eraser for the Vegas Strip?  Seems a little out of place, but it was cool.

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