Monday, January 17, 2011

John’s Desert

IMG_1165The desert around Wickenburg, Arizona appears to be miles and miles of cacti, rocks and sand.  But, Mike’s brother, John, knows a few secret spots near Wickenburg that you wouldn’t expect to find.  John was our tour guide today and he took us to those tucked away places that few people know about.

Back in 1969, a fellow writing his doctoral thesis on Indian culture actually re-created a shaman circle in the desert.  The circle remains today.  Not sure what the rock configuration means, maybe someday we can learn more about it.  Neat to photograph, though.

IMG_1169 Following the riverbed, John took us through a box canyon with high rock walls worn smooth by rushing water that occurs during flash floods.  The shaded canyon keeps the sun at bay and the temperatures cool.

John spends his days in the desert around Wickenburg either working on cleaning up the desert (car bodies, trash, old pipe, etc.) with his friends or camping under the stars.  He moved here about 25 years ago and it seems he certainly found his paradise.

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