Monday, January 3, 2011

High Chaparral & Lemonade

We are located in the middle of the Anza-Borrego State Park and the variety of plant life and rock in the area really  is beautiful.   The appreciation level would probably go down significantly if we were here in the summer when it reaches 120 degrees.  But, our short hike was a comfortable 60 degrees and all the recent rain has the grass green in between the rocks.  The rocks are Flintstone huge with burnt red and gold fleck color.  Something interesting at every turn. 

Our campground has lots of lemon trees and they are heavy with fruit.  Free for the picking.  I made two pitchers of fresh lemonade (so far) from scratch with all the lemons we picked.  What were we thinking drinking that crappy Crystal Lite?  Cook a cup of water and a cup of sugar to simmer on the stove to make sugar syrup.  Let it cool.  Squeeze juice from eight lemons to get a cup of lemon juice.  Mix together with another three cups of water.  Chill.  And you have 4 – 5 glasses of fresh lemonade!  Easy-peasy and so good!


  1. Lemonade, I love it but it snowed in Vegas today. I need to get to warmer weather and try that recipe.

  2. The weather is crazy! Seems to be warming up and we are anxious to try another hike. We will be picking more lemons too!


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