Saturday, October 15, 2011


A recap of our week:

Each week starts out with a two-hour yoga class for a very, very good stretch (not Mike, just me and gal pal, Kelley).  I am NOT very limber so a few “poses” are skipped.  Everything is great about the exercise, EXCEPT I am not too keen on the chanting for the last few minutes of the class.  Ahhh-Ommm-MMMM.  again.  Ahhh-Ommm-MMM.  Interesting, but I feel a little silly.

SCAN1798Tuesdays involve a drive up Lost Mountain back into the woods on a gravel road to my art class.  The trees are so dense; it feels like you are driving through a tunnel.  The turning leaves are really making an especially beautiful trip.  Love my art instructor, Pat Gordon.  She is VERY patient and I like her organized and creative approach to teaching.  The first few lessons involve some basic techniques and then she helps you paint whatever subject you bring in.  My first subject was a little too involved (a boat) and I will try a “do-over” soon.  I am posting my first watercolor for a baseline, but be kind.  This is from one of my photographs taken at the John Wayne Marina. 

IMG_2004Still trekking with the girl buddies each week.  This week we tackled an eight-mile (round trip) to Lake Angeles.  This was a challenge for me—steady climb up 2,000 feet.  But, I did it!  And my thigh muscles will never be the same….

IMG_2000The scenery along the way was well worth the trip and the lake was spectacular.  One of my hiking partners, Susan, came up to this lake about two months ago and met up with a large mountain goat.

Where is Mike, you ask.  Golf, golf and more golf.  A quick trip in the golf kart and he is playing at Sunland Country Club and Golf course and he LOVES it!  I have been practicing on the driving range and hope to golf in the ladies’ club next year and with my husband (so I can see him occasionally).

Dungeness Valley CowsAll around the Sequim/Dungeness area are really wonderful family farms providing organic produce, fresh dairy and eggs, grass-fed beef, berries, honey, and flowers (not to mention loads of fresh fish and seafood daily hauled in from Puget Sound).  We stopped by the Dungeness Valley Creamery just two miles from our house.  After petting the calves penned outside their little store (next to the family house), we purchased fresh milk, eggs, and beef.  This stuff is good! (And those moo gals are so dang cute!)

IMG_2008Today, we went to the best farmers’ market on the Peninsula (in our opinion) in Port Townsend.  More booths with fresh produce, quality art and crafts, good food (baked goods are to die for) and fantastic music.  Seriously, hot jazz guitar (Django) music is fun stuff to listen to.  The market is surrounded by historic buildings, fresh salty air blows in from Puget Sound and attended by interesting characters—old hippies, new hippies, yuppies, families and gram/gramps.  We like the diversity and creative dressing!

Whew!  Someone asked me the other day what we do all day.  Sometimes it is hard to know where to begin!  (Would not have it any other way.)


  1. The market sounds great. Farmers markets are coming to a close here in the midwest. I will miss all that fresh goodness.

  2. That Port Townsend farmers market is one of our very favorites (as is the town). Sounds like you definitely make the most of your new location.


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