Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Our House (Post 3)–Weekly Tour/Dining Room

DSC_0293Restaurants are plentiful around our area, but preparing a dinner at home with company or just the two of us is fun, especially when you have a great dining room to sit down in.  We have a litmus test for a functional dining room; (1) it must seat at least six, (2) room to pull chairs in and out without hitting the wall or other furniture, and (3) lots of light and a view.  Bingo.  Plenty of room.  Big windows facing east for a sunny morning breakfast with a clear view of our little meadow and the golf course beyond.  Our place mats are normally side by side looking out at either the deer or golfers.

Besides the Cutting Garden vendor down the road, a number of family gardens sell big bouquets.  The big, colorful one on the table sold for the going rate of $7 from a cute family at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. 

IMG_1892The high ceiling of the dining room has nice detail with four coffered sections rather than a flat surface.  The insets are painted a milk chocolate brown with trim work in white.  The lighting fixture was standard with the home and I would like to replace with something a little more contemporary.  Black square linen shade with a silver single chain.  That is what I am thinking.  Maybe painting the back wall behind the painting the same brown would work well, too.  We will see.   And you did catch some orange accents here and there?

This is the first dining room we have used often.  We eat here (versus the living room or the bar) almost daily.  We are cooking more often for both guests and for us.  In fact, the kitchen is working well and I will commit to put pictures of it on the blog next week. 

Bon Apetit!

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