Friday, October 28, 2011

Fat Smitty’s

IMG_2061At the intersection of Highway 101 and Highway 20, sits a little café that is a long time fixture in these parts.  Fat Smitty’s.  Speciality--The biggest and best hamburger around.  Order a Fat Smitty hamburger special and you get a burger only eaten with a fork (unless you are Steven Tyler) with two large meat slabs, bacon, pickles, lettuce, three sides of the bun, and thousand island dressing.  Delish!  We will be wringing out our arteries tomorrow.

IMG_2060The café structure and ambiance are very interesting…  The owner, who I am guessing is Mr. Fat Smitty, is most decidedly an extreme right winger.  Signs with his point of view are plastered everywhere on the property.  And no surprise—the payment is cash only.  (Check out the dollar bills pinned on the ceiling and walls.)

IMG_2062Local flavor.  Love it.

As we were leaving, Mike yelled over at me, “Terry, you have to come see this!”  “Forget about taking pictures of the restaurant; take a picture of this!”  In a small compact car, were eight little Schnauzers.  All having fun on their outing that day with the Master.  We stopped and talked with the owner.  All the dogs were from the same litter including the Mama.  “They are all kin,” the owner explained.  We are guessing the little guys were so cute as pups, the owners could not part with them. 

Turns out they all live near us, so we will probably see them around town.  Hope so!

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