Sunday, October 23, 2011

Our Home (Post 5)–Weekly Tour/Master Bedroom

DSC_0350One of the best things about retirement is you can wake up with the morning sun—no alarm clocks, no commitments, no pressure.  Fittingly, our bedroom windows face east allowing the breaking dawn to be our alarm clock.  Fantastic.  The country location also means dead quiet with only infrequent yips from the coyotes, hoot of an owl or the bass of the nearby fog horn.  The low lights of the neighborhood allow the stars to pop in the dark skies.   To say we are sleeping soundly here is an understatement.

[Would like to add shutters or wood blinds that give the look of shutters to the windows some day.]

DSC_0356The original floor plan for our home included a deck off the master bedroom.  We opted to eliminate the deck and enlarge the bedroom allowing room for a comfy chair to read quietly and a perfect spot for a large dresser.  Really happy with the decision.

Parrot Lamp#1DSC_0352[Wish we had not sold the Frederick Cooper parrot floor lamp a couple of years ago.  It would be perfect beside the chair.  Maybe we can find another.  Bev – do you want to sell it back to us?  No?  I did not think so.  LOL]


DSC_0104 (6)From the photos, you have probably noticed our bedroom furnishings are nothing like the rest of the home décor.  With the size of the room and the fact it is separated from the rest of house down a short hallway, we went “British Colonial”.  Dark wood furniture.  Slowly spinning fan overhead.  Big “Persian” area rug.  I have a tough time getting into this bed—it is so high!  One of these days I will buy a cute little wooden step stool.  May be sooner than later.

DSC_0338You cannot tell from the photos, but we selected a Tempurpedic mattress.  At first, I was not digging it, but I really like it now.  Although the mattress is ultra firm, it “gives” where you need it—the hip, the shoulder, and other body parts that are not so streamlined.  And when your significant other turns or moves, nothing.  You feel no movement.  Nice.  Hoping this one holds up longer, too.

Sweet dreams!

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