Monday, January 14, 2013


cloudsA few years before we retired and moved into the 5th wheel RV, I began a campaign to scan in all our snapshots.  All 12,000 of them.  I did not finish before we began our travels, but I did complete the scanning a few weeks ago.  They are saved “in the cloud”, on an external hard drive and on the laptop.  All pictures are cataloged in folders and tagged with key words allowing multiple sorting. 

Then, I threw away the hard copies.

You may be gasping, but I feel 10 pounds lighter and relieved.   Those photos have been taking up loads of space, hardly ever looked at, and fading fast.  Photos can now be viewed easily online, friends and family can view and they are probably safer than in the storage boxes.  (Please note:  older black and white “historical” photos and formal photos were kept)

This is so empowering, especially for those living on the road.  Think about it--our music is digitized, movies are digitized, our records are digitized—no more bulk.   The amount of physical space we need is shrinking every day. 

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