Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #2–Kitchen “Composter”

Reference:  2013 Resolution posted 12/31/2012

Kitchen ComposterOnce “organics” like potato peelings, egg shells, or dinner remains are placed in the kitchen trash, they begin to decay and stink.  If they happen to make their way into a fresh garbage bag at the bottom, it will begin to smell long before it is full.  The usual answer to this, is to take a semi-full bag out—resulting in many large plastic bags headed for the landfill.

So, we searched for a solution and found the kitchen composter (see picture).

Two weeks ago we purchased the kitchen composter and it is perfect for our scrap collection. A one gallon compost pail can hold two weeks’ worth of food scraps (depending on how many fruit and vegetable cast-offs we have).   It includes an activated carbon filter inside the vented lid for odor removal—no smells whatsoever.  It sits conveniently next to the sink.

This is an easy and efficient way to collect/recycle kitchen food scraps that will later be transferred to the big trash bag.  Or if you are really with it, the scraps can be transferred to worm compost bins or other composters in a natural garden.   Some day the outdoor composter may be a purchase—more research needed to make sure this will work out for us.

This little composter will be fantastic in our RV.  Such close quarters, you smell anything sour immediately.  Definitely will be packed along with us as we travel.

Mike was really skeptical about this new tactic, but we are both loving it.  Not only reduces our waste, but keeps the kitchen area fresh.  Highly recommended.

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