Sunday, January 6, 2013


Love living on the Olympic Peninsula, and it IS beautiful here all year round, it is not crazy cold and lots of indoor social activities with friends during the winter.  BUT, we are missing the full-time RV life and traveling, in general.  Staying the winter here this year on the “O”, but next year we are heading out.  To repeat a local phrase, “If you are here, you are not all there.”  Which normally means we are in the perfect spot.  Ha.

PhotoWill start looking for a house sitter and workamping jobs for next year and get it all lined up.

Fun in Florida last winter, but the destination will be a little closer to home in the Borrego Springs area of California or somewhere in Arizona.  Must be near hiking and a golf course, and not too heavily populated.  Like to spend some more time in Napa, California on the way down and visit a few new Utah locations in the spring (after the cold; before the heat) on the way back north. 

SO…workamping is a new experience for us.  Will be investigating the methods for applying and open positions.  Wish me luck!

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