Wednesday, January 16, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #3–Popcorn

Reference:  2013 Resolution posted 12/31/2012

Felknor_Popper“Advancement” in our society is not always better.  We say microwave popcorn is NOT better.  Half the popcorn pops, the insides are loaded with artificial butter and microwave version usually contains tons of salt.  (There are low fat, low salt versions—ugh)  Then a bulky paper bag is left to be placed in the trash. 

Although many enjoy the air-poppers, we found the old-fashioned stove top popper with a stir mechanism makes the best popcorn (purchased on eBay for $10.99—it was new).  And you know what?  The popping time is no longer than the microwave.  We pour on real butter and the amount of salt to our liking.   No trash.  Better tasting.

We purchase popcorn in bulk from our local grocer (filling a bag we bring to the store).  Makes it mucho cheaper.

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