Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fitness Friday #1

The Wednesday blog posts documenting our weekly changes to reduce garbage and attempt to manage a zero waste home have been very effective.  One new habit a week and documenting it, seems to make it stick.  Is it possible to apply this method to other areas of our life? 

Up until now, I have avoided the dreaded weight loss resolution.  Mainly, because I never had a good plan to follow through.  But this one small weekly lifestyle change with the zero waste just may be the approach for working towards a healthier lifestyle.  My doctor said it is time to lose a few pounds.  (At my age, it is not about looks any more!)  Okay.

DependWith help of two friends (yeah, I did some fast talking to get them to join in), we will attempt to incorporate one healthy eating habit or exercise goal each week.  Small steps.  Baby steps.   

This week’s habit:

The most basic.  Water.  64 ounces. 

My plan:  One glass (16 ounces) in the morning, one with dinner, and the other 32 ounces in an insulated thermos going with me wherever I go.

Wanda’s plan:  OK.....Mine is also the 64 (I am going to have to learn how to swim and wear Depend, me thinks) ounces of water a day !!!

Nancy’s plan:  I’ll start with the water!


  1. LOL....bladder problems seem to go with having had children! So go for it.

    1. I sneeze and have issues! So, this should be interesting.

  2. We are working on the weight loss too so will be fun to see the different things you incorporate into your life. We are trying the Mediterranean diet. We know it has to be something we can do for the rest of our lives and this is a way of eating and living that I think we can keep up. I don't have trouble with the water thing as I always drink lots, a habit from my younger years. Your body does adapt eventually and it doesn't see like so many trips to the bathroom. I loved your last series and I think this one will be great too.

    1. Thanks, Janie! I'll have to look into the Mediterranean diet. Sounds interesting.


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