Thursday, June 27, 2013

No Waste Wednesday #26 - Entertaining

Reference:  Resolution posted 12/31/12 –eliminate unnecessary trash from our lifestyle

olive-assortmentSince retiring, we find we do a lot more entertaining.  And entertaining always includes food, at least appetizers!  In the past, I would stop in at Costco and purchase a couple of pre-made packages to serve.  I love Costco both for its prices and the way they treat their employees (good wages, benefits, and management philosophy) but wow, they package the heck out of their products.



Instead I have found inspiration (again) from Bea Johnson (the author of the Zero Waste website) with suggested appetizers from the bulk section of our favorite grocer or easy to make. 

     - Mixed Nuts

     - Cookies (our grocer has three different types of “fig newtons” with either raspberry, fig, or apricot filling)

     - Olives (from the olive bar)

     - Candy (chocolate chunks or chocolate covered fruit)

Easy to make items include deviled eggs, toasted sliced baguettes with cheese, any kind of chopped veggie with a home-made spread. 

We are also collecting wonderful recipes and ideas from others when we join them at their place!

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