Thursday, June 6, 2013

No Waste Wednesdays #23–Fresh Bread

Reference:  2013 Resolution posted 12/31/2012

breadBased in Port Townsend, Pan d’Amore, bakes wonderful bread.  We buy the bread either from their satellite store in Sequim (and when we visit Port Townsend) and from grocers selling local products.  They sell their breads in paper bags rather than plastic.  Easy to recycle or burn in the outdoor fireplace. 

Perhaps I can take the next step and eliminate the paper altogether.   With a clean pillow case stenciled with the word “bread”, two loaves can be purchased about every other week.  No need to deal with double plastic packaging when you get it direct from the baker.

Sometimes we buy the sourdough and other weeks the baquette.  After slicing, it goes into the freezer to keep fresh (the refrigerator dries out the bread).  The thick slices are used for French toast or smeared with butter and garlic to eat with the spaghetti.   The thinner are for sandwiches or sopping up soup. 

Better tasting than the fluff you buy in the grocery chain stores.  What is not to like?


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