Friday, June 28, 2013

Salt Creek–Port Angeles (and the last Fitness Friday)

turtle-islandLast year I did a short hike with my hiking group starting at Salt Creek County Park.   Stunning location.  Vowed to bring the husband back soon.  Today, we made the trip (about 20 miles) and it was just as impressive as the first visit.  Located on the west side of Port Angeles on Highway 112 (a few miles off Highway 101).  The only downside of the trip was the holiday traffic on Highway 101 was horrible. 

World War 2 Bunker, Salt Creek Recreational Area, Port Angeles, WA USASalt Creek Campground includes 90 sites, 72 of which have views of the water. Some are in open areas while others are in forested locations.

The park was once the site of a World War II installment known as Fort Hayden.  Parts of the fort still exist, including a number of small bunkers and two concrete bunkers that once housed 16 inch cannons.

Now a word about my fitness and health plan.  Good intentions, but I need more motivation.  Drinking 32 ounces of water a day--check.  Daily stretching—need a morning commitment.  Daily exercise—shake it up between golf, walking, and biking.  Eating right—yeah, right—gotta work on it.  But, writing about it, is not helping.  Sorry, I thought a weekly commitment made public would help out. 


  1. Sorry it did not work for you. I feel that you need to be accountable to someone who will personally work with you.

    1. I think I gave up too easily, Nan. I'm going to try this again. It's too important to ignore. You may not realize it, but your comment is a little pep talk. Thanks!

  2. Those goals are always a challenge for me too. We seem to do well for awhile and then loose steam. Don't give up the fight though, I know I never will but like everything in life you just weather the ups and downs and try to get yourself centered on the goal again. Thats what I'm doing now and its never easy. :)


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