Saturday, March 15, 2014

Blogging Administration

Hit quite a milestone two days ago—40,000 views of the blog…

My blog has been in existence for several years now; and I have to admit I have done very little to understand the administration or managing it.  Initially, time was spent selecting the layout, theme colors, and a few security features. The content is VERY much “what strikes my fancy”, more like a personal journal/journey of our retirement years.  Reminds me of the Seinfeld television series.  Really not about anything in particular.  Just enjoying life.

Some lessons about blogging have been picked up along the way.  I added the comment feature (click on “comment” below an individual post to leave a thought), but soon found that it was important to review or moderate before publishing each comment.  Before selecting this security feature a few comments were posted with questionable links or products.  They have been removed.  If you joined as a follower of my blog (I think I have 17 listed—shown on the left column—you can click the “join this site” button if you want to be a member), I believe my comment reply to you is not only shown on the blog, but also sent to your e-mail (let me know if this is true—it is only an assumption on my part).  If you are not a member, your comment shows as Anonymous (your name or email address is not known to me) and my reply is only shown on the blog post.  

The blog continues to be public.  I am not limiting to a few.  Anyone can read and my statistics show readers in the US, Europe and Asia.  Keeping it public is half the fun of a blog—I meet people through the blog that I would not normally meet.  I say that in a good way; there are interesting readers out there!

I have to say, I am enticed by other blogger layout features like the linking feature to previous posts to the most current.  Allowing an ad or two to generate some income, but I am certain the content will have to become a little more focused if that option is pursued.  

After saying all this, if you enjoy reading, thanks and glad to have you along for the ride.  If you wondered why your comments were left unpublished for a while, know that it does take a day or two to catch up with my mail and blogging. 

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