Friday, March 21, 2014

I Like Facebook

facebook-logo_000I like Facebook.  There, I said it and I am sure I will receive some strongly opposing opinions.  But, I truly enjoy it.  There are some frustrations with the social network, but I still feel the benefits outweigh the cons.  If you care to read, I will tell you why.

The friends and family we have are widely dispersed across the country.  Hardly possible to keep up with life events through personal visits and telephone conversations—there is just too much going on to keep everyone informed.  Reading Facebook posts, almost immediately, I know my sister will soon become a grandmother, my cousin is getting married, a favorite uncle has passed on or my friend has a new recipe or a new joke (it is not all serious, folks!).  It is fun and informative.  I have reconnected with long-lost childhood friends.  My invitations to special events are known in advance of any snail mail.

On the downside, political and religious opinions you would rarely discuss in a personal friendly visit are posted by a few.  I am disappointed by what some will post on the internet.  Civilized conversations should not include politics and religion.  That includes conversations on the internet.  You are not going to change anyone’s mind by a barrage of one-sided media—why torment your loved ones with your strong opinions.  Honestly, we either do not read it or we block it from appearing in our Facebook newsfeed.

For some, Facebook seems to take on a sinister objective—that Facebook invades privacy or it preys upon users.  But, it is up to you how public you want to make information and when you want to make it public.  And for god’s sake, do not click on the link with the porn picture or a grand claim to lose 50 pounds in two weeks.  Use your head.  Yes, Facebook is affiliated with retailers gathering information about you to target products.  But marketing professionals have been doing that very thing for 50 years, they are just using a different method now.  I really do not care that Zappo shoes knows I am looking for a new pair of boots.

So, I say to you.  Take off the tin-foil hat and jump into the 21st century.  Stay connected in a happy, healthy and very efficient way.

And you are right, I have just given my “opinion”.  Use it however you choose.  [Smile] 


  1. Really well said. It is really nice to hear ab out my grand kiddos and family. But now, I have a problem. In trying to dump some of the advertisers into my spam folder and delete them,,,,,I now have no pages to view and have no way to restore the site. least I can use my smart phone for Facebook.

  2. Thanks! There are some frustrations...


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