Friday, March 14, 2014

Magic Moment–#6 Bad to the Bone

DowntownSturgis#8The blog normally shows me happy and “nice”.  And for the most part, I am a “good” girl.  Yet, there is an element of bad in me.  Is that so wrong?  Maybe that is why I enjoyed the Sturgis Bike Rally so much.  THE adult party and what a blast.  Not for the prudish--there is nudity, bad language, drinking, drugs and rock and roll.  (Honestly, I cannot remember who was playing.  It was either Joan Jett or Aerosmith?  Who knows.)

SturgisParty#4We road our Harley Heritage Soft Tail from south-eastern Washington over 1,000 miles one way to Sturgis, South Dakota in August 2003 and all the way back after a week of experiencing the Rally.   It was a bad-ass good time.  That year recorded close to 750,000 bikers, loud pipes and an international crowd.  I kid you not, my hearing was non-existent for days after the trip.  We met a wide variety of people at the rally—a cop from Chicago, another from New York City, a nice young couple from Toronto (on a trip away from their little ones), a guy from New Hampshire (picture right) running around with BBQ tongs pinching, well you can use your imagination—no gender was safe.   (He really was a hoot!  He had his own blow-up hot tub at his campsite.).

SturgisCamp#1SturgisParty#5The pup tent, sleeping bags and a few clean clothes were packed on the back of the bike.  We stayed at the Glencoe Campground (over 20,000 registered) where only two rules applied—no discharging firearms and you must pay to stay.  I normally do not like crowds, but this was damn exciting.  No need to smoke pot; the air was choked with it, you could just breath it in. 

Day 1a Lolo Pass-1The whole state of South Dakota is filled with bikers clogging the roads and parks the first week of August (not a car to be seen).  It was flat out awesome.  Some mighty big black magic happens here.  [No, I did not get naked; HBO was taping that year for a documentary.  Maybe next time…or maybe not.]

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