Wednesday, December 15, 2010


littleitaly The best part of Little Italy in San Diego is the food!  We arrived around 10 a.m. and the good smells of Italian food permeate the area.  Hip little coffee shops are here and there throughout the neighborhood.  We stopped and enjoyed a latte.  Love the fact that so many locals still speak Italian.

IMG_1038 I had an appointment at the Maida Salon for a haircut at 11 a.m. in Little Italy and Mike hung out at a local pub for some people watching.  My stylist was Carmel and I highly recommend her to anyone visiting the area.  What a neat gal!  She was fun to chat with and let us know about a few more great restaurants.    She is also a great stylist.  Love the cut, Carmel.

buonappetito Based on her recommendation, we ate an early dinner at Buon Appetito.  The spinach ravioli was probably 10,000 calories, but so worth it.  With a nice glass of wine and a lively restaurant, we had a very enjoyable meal.

Did you know Frankie Laine (you know, the guy who sang “Rawhide”) was a big supporter of San Diego Little Italy?  He was originally Frankie LoVecchio from Chicago’s Little Italy.  Did you try to sing the Rawhide song and hold the ending,  “raw..hiiiiiiiiiide” for as long as he did?  Yep, I thought so; but you could not do it either, could you?

Ciao, from San Diego Little Italy!

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  1. Wow, you made it to both my favorite spots in San Diego. I'm salivating just thinking of all those awesome Italian restaurants


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