Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Celebration in Chula Vista

The second Saturday in December RV’ers from all over Southern California and Arizona come to the Chula Vista RV Park to decorate their RV in an all-out Christmas competition extravaganza (this is year #9).  It is a big party for those decorating and those viewing.  Besides the brilliant lights, there is live music (a Tony Bennett sound-alike—5th picture) and a chocolate “potluck”.   Of course, they are blowing fake snow out of a machine because it is still 60-some degrees outside!

And how do they fit all this stuff in their rigs?  Amazing.  The pictures below are only a few of the RV's decorated in the park. 

Merry Christmas!

DSC_0029 (8) DSC_0028 (8)
DSC_0015 (6) DSC_0023 (8) DSC_0016 (8) DSC_0018 (8)
DSC_0013 (8) DSC_0012 (7)
DSC_0035 (7) DSC_0034 (7)

1 comment:

  1. where do you store all that when it is not Christmas? Cool displays.


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