Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Presents and Stormy Weather

No chance to see the total eclipse of the moon tonight.  Our San Diego weather has turned stormy with rain and wind.  The weather is discouraging us from going out on our daily walk and we are house-bound (or RV-bound).

Knowing that the weather is nasty for the next several days, we decided to splurge on a couple of early Christmas presents to “each other”.  We went to the Otay Ranch Shopping Mall and Mike bought the new Tour of Duty Black Ops video game at Best Buy.  These games get more and more involved stories and the characters are surprisingly life-like.    So easy to spend hours playing.

nintendo I bought the Nintendo DS and the Art Academy “game”.   Not having enough room to store my art supplies and spread out while I am painting has been a disappointment on the road.  When I saw the advertisement for the Nintendo Art Academy, I had to have it.
There are ten lessons where an artist called Vince teaches you how to paint different pictures on a step-by-step basis. First, you draw an apple and learn how to use the pencil tools for outlines and shading, as well as learning how light affects shadows. Then later on you move to brushes and paints.  After the lessons you are able to use the tools and freestyle.  If you are pleased with your results, the picture can be saved.

Art Academy does not replace live lessons or painting with the real brushes, but in a small space it fits the bill.   It is rewarding and fun.  Plus, we now have a Nintendo to play other games.  Mario, anyone?

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