Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Borrego Springs

The Springs at Borrego RV Resort is our less expensive spa option.  The nearby famous Golden Door Spa at Escondido, California is known for its beautifully landscaped grounds, innovative exercise activities, hiking, gourmet food, massage therapy and more.   Guess what?  Borrego Springs RV has all of it for about $7,000 less (well, maybe not the gourmet food, but they do have hot dogs and s’mores on Tuesdays and wine tasting on Thursdays). 

Borrego waterfall The landscaping at the Resort is desert garden design at its best.  Beautiful smoke trees, flowering trees (need to learn their names), fresh lemons and grapefruit, cacti in every shape and size with all the area around perfectly raked crushed rock.  The park has a large, splashing waterfall and small river stocked with fish for catch and release.

Borrego Golf Mike has golfed every day since we arrived.  The golf course is inexpensive and a fairly decent one.  All nicely landscaped with green grass, palm trees, and water features.

I had a wonderful massage yesterday from Anna.  My back has been acting up and the massage took away the tight muscles.  Ahhhh, so nice.

We have also indulged in the natural mineral baths.  The pool area contains three two-man in-ground spas and one large spa filled with hot mineral water.  Mineral baths are said to help arthritis, so we are taking full advantage.  The swimming pool is salt water and it is really nice to swim in water without so much harsh chlorine.

We also love that Borrego Springs is a very small town.  It has everything you need, but there is no traffic.  None.  So quiet at night you can hear a pin drop unless the coyotes are yelping.

Tomorrow, we start Yoga sessions and water aerobic exercises.  Or maybe I will, Mike will probably golf again!

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