Thursday, December 9, 2010

USS Midway Museum

The best maritime museum so far!  The USS Midway aircraft carrier is just an incredible museum to visit.

IMG_1011 We were lucky to reach the guided tour of the bridge before any crowds .  What a view from the Boss’ chair out over the flight deck!  And of course, we had to visit the engine room (a must for Mike).

As you walk past the admiral’s and captain’s quarters and the ready rooms; the staterooms looked liked they are still lived in--the restoration was that good.  Eventually, we walked down to the crews’ quarters on the lower decks and there was certainly a difference in accommodations.  Many, many bunks compared to the one bunk stateroom for the captain.

IMG_1017On the flight deck there were so many different helicopters and planes, we lost count.  But, Mike’s favorite located on the hangar deck was the F4U Corsair.  The USS Midway has a number of veterans stationed at different locations to explain their previous role on the ship.  A couple of former pilots explained the catapulting of the planes and landing skills required on a rolling sea and at night.  What an inspiration.  These guys loved their military careers and get excited telling their story.

This is not an experience you can have every day and not one to miss if you have the opportunity.  A first-hand education about the life of our navy on an aircraft carrier.


  1. This was one of our highlights from our last trip to San Diego. We agree it is a must do if you are visiting the area.

  2. It was really a neat museum. A fun day.


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